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Have you been diagnosed with a pulmonary nodule?  If so, you may be eligible for the ProLung clinical trial.

If you are interested in participating in the ProLung Clinical Trial, please enter your contact information in the form below. You will be contacted shortly with information regarding the clinical trial site nearest your location. The clinical trial site will determine your eligibility for participation in the study.

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About Our Trial


The primary Study hypothesis is that the ProLung Test will demonstrate safety and efficacy in the risk stratification of patients with pulmonary lesions identified by CT that are suspicious for lung cancer. A statistically significant result will indicate that patients with a high ProLung Test result have a greater risk of developing lung cancer than patients with a low test result.

There are three Specific Aims of this study:

  1. Optimize and confirm the stability of the ProLung Test risk-stratification algorithm in patients with a diagnosis.
  2. Externally validate the efficacy of the ProLung Test risk-stratification algorithm by comparing the test result to the conclusive patient diagnosis.
  3. Assess the safety and tolerability of the ProLung Test procedures.

Study Design This Study consists of two distinct phases, Stabilization and Validation. The Study will collect data from multiple sites (3 to 12), and each site may enroll patients and collect data for the Stabilization and Validation Phases with a minimum of three sites for the Validation Phase.