Investor Information

ProLung, Inc. was founded in late 2004 to research, develop, market and sell novel noninvasive diagnostic devices for life threatening disease.

Early on, the Company recognized the global need for better lung cancer detection methods and assembled an engineering and clinical team to demonstrate the utility of our core technology in patients. Initial results were encouraging.

The Company moved forward by acquiring the global rights to certain mechanical technologies which it combined with its own patented technologies to develop the Electro Pulmonary Nodule Scan (EPN Scan) which it introduced in Europe in 2013 following European regulatory approval.

After the Company’s 30-minute non invasive test receives US FDA marketing approval, the EPN scan will become available for patients in the US who have lung nodules (as seen by CT scan) which are suspicious for lung cancer. Risk stratification by serial CT can take years of image studies. Widespread adoption of the EPN Scan could abbreviate the lengthy protocols required to reach an actionable diagnosis. The potential to accelerate treatment means a great deal to patients who must act quickly.

Today, ProLung, Inc. is known in the U.S and Europe.  Currently, there is no market for the Company’s stock, however the Company does report the information required to become public following the achievement of market growth milestones.

New investors should contact the Company for additional information. Investors may wish to refer to the financial information featured in the panel to the right, annual reports and other information filed with the US SEC, the News Releases available through conventional press sources or contact the Company directly.