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What is a pulmonary nodule?
A pulmonary (or lung) nodule (or lesion) is an irregularity on a chest x-ray or CT scan. Lung nodules are smaller than 3 cm. If a CT finding is larger than 3 cm it is called a lung mass. Most lung nodules are less than 2 cm in size and are benign. Most lung nodules are caused by inflammation or scar tissue from previous infection, but some are caused by cancer. While most lung nodules are benign, your physician may direct further evaluation. Repeat CT scanning may be necessary. In some cases your doctor may order an Electro Pulmonary Nodule Scan to help differentiate between a malignant and a benign nodule.
How are lung nodules evaluated?
Most lung nodules are evaluated by repeat CT scanning over a period of months or years.  The time interval between CT scans is determined by your physician and typically depends on risk factors for lung cancer, including age and smoking history and on the size and appearance of the nodule.  Sometimes high-risk nodules are further evaluated by tissue biopsy.  The Electro Pulmonary Nodule Scan is a noninvasive, painless test used by doctors to rapidly obtain additional information helpful in determining whether a lung nodule is benign or malignant.
Why do I need an Electro Pulmonary Nodule Scan?
Evaluating a lung nodule is a complex, multi-factorial process that can be slow,  frustrating and expensive.  Sometimes it requires up to 3½ years and 6 individual CT scans.  If a biopsy is required, there may also be significant risk, recovery and discomfort associated with the procedure.  The noninvasive EPN Scan offers additional information about a lung nodule in a rapid, non-invasive and painless manner.
What should I expect when I have the Electro Pulmonary Nodule Scan? Is it painful?
The non-invasive EPN Scan usually takes 20-30 minutes and is painless.  With the patient in a seated position, adhesive patches are placed on the skin and the examiner touches additional locations on the body with a small device or probe that measures electrical bioconductance.  The micro-current passing through the tissues is imperceptible to the patient.  No needles are used.
How long do I wait for the Electro Pulmonary Nodule Scan results?
The EPN Scan requires about 20-30 minutes and results will generally be available to your physician within one business day.
What do I do next?
The EPN Scan result, along with all other information about your lung nodule, must be considered carefully by your physician.  Your physician will review the results with you and help you to decide on the next step.